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Bonus Day

My mentor at the local library has invited me to a talk she will be giving at the local high school about data bases which can be accessed from the library by patrons.

The talk was informative because I was able to get a sense of how my mentor dealt with large crowds and the confidence she projected was simply awesome. I had mentioned last week that it was a concern for me, but was told that this skill comes with experience. I can also take a class on confidence-building which should go a long way in helping me deal with the jitters.

I was also introduced to the school librarian who was an English teacher prior to being offered the job and had to go back to school to learn about Librarianship. It was enormously interesting to hear about what goes on at a high school library and the many setbacks due to Government funding, in particular with new technology such as laptops. Children have the option of renting a laptop for the year, but I can imagine the cost might be a bit too much for some parents.

I hope to get some more background information on the libraries in my area to get a feel for the different procedures to see where I might be able to work in the future. Many thanks to my mentor for organising today.


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Tenth Day

Today is my last day at the library and I am very sad to finish, I have had a wonderful time, I have learned a lot and met some lovely people who’s dedication I admire. They are living my dream! Since the team make a point of having morning tea together to discuss work and non work related issues, I decided to bake a banana bread to share with everyone. I think everyone enjoyed it.

I finalised all my projects and sat down with my mentor discuss how I went. She evaluated my performance and supplied me with a copy for my records. I received positive comments and together with my experience overall, this venture has convinced me that I would absolutely love to work in a library and that I would be good at my job.

My mentor mentioned that although my enthusiasm is a good thing, I should balance it with practicality which I’m sure will come with time and experience. She warned me that my aversion to weeding should be dealt with because it is an important aspect of being a librarian. She also gave me sage advice about confidence building, as I mentioned that it’s one of my concerns when it comes to dealing with patrons.

I consider myself very lucky that I got a wonderful placement with a team that supported me. They took the time to give me advice and little pearls of wisdom I’ll not soon forget. Many thanks to the team!

My last project of the day was to put up a display to attract readers and it was decided to be on Dr Who, in anticipation of the 50th Anniversary later this year. So I made two posters, one of the T.A.R.D.I.S. and a title poster. I also set up the display. Here are some images:

101 103 099

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Ninth Day

This morning I am to shadow one of the casuals and will be doing front desk duty. Since the library opens a little later today due to closing later for late night shopping, I was able to have a really good look at the computer program this library uses. Once again I helped with turning computers, printers and scanners on, I also helped with the shelf reading and hold list.

I was asked for input on a new Author Feature and we discussed the merits of some of my favourite authors such as Janet Evanovich, Charlene Harris, Dean Koontz – but settled on James Patterson. I think Nora Roberts will be featured next time.

I helped with the junior section next, putting together the next month’s program. I decided to book myself and my baby in for baby story time which will be great as it means we’ll have some quality time just the two of us when the older kids are at day care.

Here are some images of the author feature. I made the poster myself and helped arrange the books, and DVDs.

Author Feature

Author Feature


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Eighth Day

This is my last week and I begin with with going to the main branch. I’m to go to the digital archives where photos are scanned and metadata recorder for the viewing pleasure of the community. It appears to be a lot of work, but the Web site where the images are found is absolutely wonderful. There are almost 8000 images scanned and on display. We even had a chat with a gentleman who bought in photos of the local football club. The earliest photo was taken circa 1919 and he had many others from that era, which he hoped to catalogue and store in a safe manner for future generations.

After lunch, I headed back to my local library and had another session with my mentor, discussing more about weeding and the selection process that she is in charged of. I learned a lot about budgets, selection criterion, and how books are acquired from different sources. I was able to complete my weeding project, which then lead to an extension of that. I proceeded to continue weeding and not entirely enjoying it. An article about this caught my eye, here is the link. I’m glad to know I’m not the only person who finds weeding heartbreaking.

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Seventh Day

Had another awesome day, shadowing the two permanent staff. In the morning I was able to help out with the opening procedures, which includes turning all the computers on, all the printers, scanners and the photocopier. I was also able to help out by grabbing books off the shelves on the request list and adding a holding fee to them. We also had new books fresh off cataloguing, so I checked them in made sure their labels were correct.

I also got to work on my pamphlet and after some feedback and further editing, I submitted it for review with my mentor. After lunch I did some in branch cataloguing, processed donated books and some labeling. I must admit I enjoyed this aspect most of all.

Next week I’m off to the main branch of the library, I’m looking forward to seeing how processes differ from branch to branch.

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Sixth Day

Today I worked on my pamphlet and learned how to modify membership details. I was able to add my three children to my own membership and I printed their cards myself. It was lovely to come home with their cards, with their names on them. The both older children know how to read their names, and it was a pleasure to see their happy faces!

I also worked on repairing books and adding labels, which again is something I love doing. Some books are easier to mend than others, sure, but it is fun coming up with new, inventive ways to fix damaged covers, spines, labels and torn pages. I had a lot of fun with the glue!

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Fifth Day

Even though it feels like I’m back at work after a rather long weekend, I have come to understand the computer system and I am able to navigate it quite well, and I only need to ask for help once or twice. I try to help the other ladies out as much as I can, searching for books, and checking books in and out. I’m enjoying myself so much, I am in absolute heaven!

Today my mentor and I discussed my second project. I am to create a pamphlet advertising reading and authors from different genres. It’s no secret that library visitor numbers are falling, and that because of new technology such as ebooks, the library system is evolving. New services have to be thought of and implemented. However, in my heart of hearts, I will always love books and want to pass on this passion.

I really believe that reading is good for you and that holding an actual book is one of the world’s greatest pleasures. If I can lead patrons to good authors, I believe they too can experience the magic of the written word.

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