About Me

After taking a time out from work to have my three beautiful children (aged 5, 3 and 1), I decided I wanted more out of life. I chose to study towards a BA in Librarianship and Corporate Information Management so that I could acquire not just a job, but the career of my dreams. I have always loved books and I am fascinated with technology and information sharing.

Personally, I love being creative and I love making things with my children. I am a chocaholic and would pick summer over winter, the quiet of the suburbs over the hustle and bustle of the city. I enjoy looking at photos of libraries from all over the world and dream of the day I will finally work in one.

I see the future of libraries as more than just a place where books are stored, but a thriving community where everyone can go to experience new technology. So here I am, ready to ask why, to learn, and to share all this new found knowledge because that is what librarians do.

Reference for images used in my Web presence

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