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Bonus Day

My mentor at the local library has invited me to a talk she will be giving at the local high school about data bases which can be accessed from the library by patrons.

The talk was informative because I was able to get a sense of how my mentor dealt with large crowds and the confidence she projected was simply awesome. I had mentioned last week that it was a concern for me, but was told that this skill comes with experience. I can also take a class on confidence-building which should go a long way in helping me deal with the jitters.

I was also introduced to the school librarian who was an English teacher prior to being offered the job and had to go back to school to learn about Librarianship. It was enormously interesting to hear about what goes on at a high school library and the many setbacks due to Government funding, in particular with new technology such as laptops. Children have the option of renting a laptop for the year, but I can imagine the cost might be a bit too much for some parents.

I hope to get some more background information on the libraries in my area to get a feel for the different procedures to see where I might be able to work in the future. Many thanks to my mentor for organising today.


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