Tenth Day

26 Jul

Today is my last day at the library and I am very sad to finish, I have had a wonderful time, I have learned a lot and met some lovely people who’s dedication I admire. They are living my dream! Since the team make a point of having morning tea together to discuss work and non work related issues, I decided to bake a banana bread to share with everyone. I think everyone enjoyed it.

I finalised all my projects and sat down with my mentor discuss how I went. She evaluated my performance and supplied me with a copy for my records. I received positive comments and together with my experience overall, this venture has convinced me that I would absolutely love to work in a library and that I would be good at my job.

My mentor mentioned that although my enthusiasm is a good thing, I should balance it with practicality which I’m sure will come with time and experience. She warned me that my aversion to weeding should be dealt with because it is an important aspect of being a librarian. She also gave me sage advice about confidence building, as I mentioned that it’s one of my concerns when it comes to dealing with patrons.

I consider myself very lucky that I got a wonderful placement with a team that supported me. They took the time to give me advice and little pearls of wisdom I’ll not soon forget. Many thanks to the team!

My last project of the day was to put up a display to attract readers and it was decided to be on Dr Who, in anticipation of the 50th Anniversary later this year. So I made two posters, one of the T.A.R.D.I.S. and a title poster. I also set up the display. Here are some images:

101 103 099

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