Ninth Day

25 Jul

This morning I am to shadow one of the casuals and will be doing front desk duty. Since the library opens a little later today due to closing later for late night shopping, I was able to have a really good look at the computer program this library uses. Once again I helped with turning computers, printers and scanners on, I also helped with the shelf reading and hold list.

I was asked for input on a new Author Feature and we discussed the merits of some of my favourite authors such as Janet Evanovich, Charlene Harris, Dean Koontz – but settled on James Patterson. I think Nora Roberts will be featured next time.

I helped with the junior section next, putting together the next month’s program. I decided to book myself and my baby in for baby story time which will be great as it means we’ll have some quality time just the two of us when the older kids are at day care.

Here are some images of the author feature. I made the poster myself and helped arrange the books, and DVDs.

Author Feature

Author Feature


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