Fifth Day

17 Jul

Even though it feels like I’m back at work after a rather long weekend, I have come to understand the computer system and I am able to navigate it quite well, and I only need to ask for help once or twice. I try to help the other ladies out as much as I can, searching for books, and checking books in and out. I’m enjoying myself so much, I am in absolute heaven!

Today my mentor and I discussed my second project. I am to create a pamphlet advertising reading and authors from different genres. It’s no secret that library visitor numbers are falling, and that because of new technology such as ebooks, the library system is evolving. New services have to be thought of and implemented. However, in my heart of hearts, I will always love books and want to pass on this passion.

I really believe that reading is good for you and that holding an actual book is one of the world’s greatest pleasures. If I can lead patrons to good authors, I believe they too can experience the magic of the written word.

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