Practicum Placement

13 Jun

Hooray! My placement has been confirmed! I’m due to do an induction on the 2nd of July and begin my 10 day placement on the 5th. I have to work around my two eldest children’s day care so I’ll be working Wednesday to Friday for the following three weeks. All I have to do now is find someone to look after my 11 month old.

I’m very excited and am looking forward to commencing. I will write on my blog about my experience, it is not mandatory but I see it as a useful tool to have. What is mandatory is a feedback form that I must fill out at the end of my 10 days. I believe I will also be evaluated my my mentor and I can keep that for my personal records as well.

My only concern as I have mentioned is my baby. I’m anxious as to how she will cope. I’ll be gone from 8am until 6pm (including travel time) and I know women all over the world have left their babies for work, but it is still quite hard to think about.

Well, I guess I’ll just have to harden up a little, and be a big girl and cope. I’m looking forward to getting out of the house and learning a little more about libraries and what goes on behind the scenes, hopefully in a potential place of employment!

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