I want to be a librarian when I grow up

06 Jun

Welcome to my new blog. As an assessment from my new unit Web Communications (WEB101) through Curtin University I have created a web presence with WordPress as my central node, which will link to three others, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. These nodes may change so watch this space.

I am using my new username evielovesesoq in all my nodes, also I will be using the same tag line, “I want to be a librarian when I grow up” as this is precisely what I want to do. I decided after having children I didn’t want to go back to a boring job, I wanted to have a career doing what I always loved and that is books, technology and sharing information and knowledge with others. Another passion of mine is to teach people, young and old, how to read. I have said many times that I wouldn’t know how to survive if I couldn’t read.

So, we begin, I will endeavor to write something worthwhile weekly if not more frequently. Currently, besides the unit’s reading list I am also reading Gini Koch’s Alien series. I recommend these books as they have action, romance and of course hunky, smart aliens who serve and protect us humans.

Until next time.

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