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Meet and Greet

I took the kids to the library today and met one of the lovely ladies who works there, I mentioned that I would be doing work experience there next month (next week really) and she knew my name! I am getting very excited, I simply cannot wait to begin!

Everything is coming together well, my mum is looking after the kids the first week and then my husband will look after them the remainder of the month. On a very personal note, I would love to go shopping for new clothes, but I can’t afford it, so I’ll have to make do. Oh well. I lost my vanity 5 years ago! Nothings screams S-E-X-Y less than baby drool!

In other news, my other subject SGY120 (Sociology) requires I do a two hypotheticals, one, a  breaching experiment which sounds both fun and embarrassing at the same time. Two, an ethnography study of the community around me. I was thinking of simply observing people who use the computers at the library to go online and to see why they chose to go there as opposed to staying at home or frequenting web cafe or Maccas, for that matter. It should prove interesting. I should mention that I am not interested in what people are looking up online, that would be a breach of privacy, I just want to know… Why?

As for the breaching experiment? I’m not confident enough to do something like that in public… What is a breaching experiment, I hear you ask, well read on.


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Library Books

Library Books

I just stumbled on these old library books and just had to share. They look amazing. I love the look of old books, the way they smell and the way they feel.

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Practicum Placement

Hooray! My placement has been confirmed! I’m due to do an induction on the 2nd of July and begin my 10 day placement on the 5th. I have to work around my two eldest children’s day care so I’ll be working Wednesday to Friday for the following three weeks. All I have to do now is find someone to look after my 11 month old.

I’m very excited and am looking forward to commencing. I will write on my blog about my experience, it is not mandatory but I see it as a useful tool to have. What is mandatory is a feedback form that I must fill out at the end of my 10 days. I believe I will also be evaluated my my mentor and I can keep that for my personal records as well.

My only concern as I have mentioned is my baby. I’m anxious as to how she will cope. I’ll be gone from 8am until 6pm (including travel time) and I know women all over the world have left their babies for work, but it is still quite hard to think about.

Well, I guess I’ll just have to harden up a little, and be a big girl and cope. I’m looking forward to getting out of the house and learning a little more about libraries and what goes on behind the scenes, hopefully in a potential place of employment!

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I love StumbleUpon

I typed in Libraries in the explore tab and hit Stumble and it just takes me away to world filled with information about libraries, old and new, from the American Library of Congress to an amazing Parisian bibliothèque. I love this website.

Here’s a great example:

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I want to be a librarian when I grow up

Welcome to my new blog. As an assessment from my new unit Web Communications (WEB101) through Curtin University I have created a web presence with WordPress as my central node, which will link to three others, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. These nodes may change so watch this space.

I am using my new username evielovesesoq in all my nodes, also I will be using the same tag line, “I want to be a librarian when I grow up” as this is precisely what I want to do. I decided after having children I didn’t want to go back to a boring job, I wanted to have a career doing what I always loved and that is books, technology and sharing information and knowledge with others. Another passion of mine is to teach people, young and old, how to read. I have said many times that I wouldn’t know how to survive if I couldn’t read.

So, we begin, I will endeavor to write something worthwhile weekly if not more frequently. Currently, besides the unit’s reading list I am also reading Gini Koch’s Alien series. I recommend these books as they have action, romance and of course hunky, smart aliens who serve and protect us humans.

Until next time.

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